About us


SESI Refill

We are a social enterprise and Oxford’s longest serving refill station of food products and household detergents.

From our humble beginnings as a simple bulk buying group for organic dry goods back in 2009 we have grown to provide food refills at our weekly market stall in east Oxford  and now to developing our own range of refillable laundry and household detergents which create no packaging waste from factory to consumer.

During our XX years in business we have saved XXXXX bottles from landfill.

All of our detergent products are produced for SESI by a family firm in Northampton called Ideal Manufacturing.

The ingredients are almost entirely from the UK, except for lemons and lavender from Europe, and none of them are harmful to the environment.

We take special pride in the fact that none of our ingredients are grown in monocultures: massive single-crop farms which are often harmful to biodiversity, including the palm oil plantations which have destroyed the habitat of the Sumatran tiger.

Palm oil, a popular ingredient of many household detergents, does not feature in SESI products.