Dear all, we hope you are enjoying the winter break


Plan A (there is no plan b), a European organisation based in Berlin contacted us back in late October to nominate and enter SESI in their fundraising platform; we are one of 60 initiatives in their global group. This fundraising will be launched in 2019 and we would love it if you can support us and spread the good word.

Plastic packaging reduced by SESI now reaches a brilliant 12,000 refilled per month! This grand total includes single packaging saved from ethical whole-foods being refilled weekly at SESI Pop Up Shop.

New Dispensers. Having done a trial and tests of our designs, we have achieved a high quality dispenser. This model is more user friendly, prevents waste and mess, and overall it has a better look and finish. The new colour is fab too if we may say so! From 2019, the new dispenser will be loaned to those wanting to have it. You can give it a 3 months free trial. Upgrading is of course optional, but for newcomers joining us in 2019 *if* adopting our dispensers, this is the system we will be working with.

New Products!

Dishwash Powder

Eco Laundry Powder

Bicarbonate of Soda

Over 50 traders refill SESI sustainable detergents across England, Wales, Jersey and soon ScotlandOthers will join us in 2019. We are a broad and inclusive collective of unique models: independent shops, cooperatives, charity shops, market traders, cafes, pop ups, buyers groups, repair cafes, student groups and more

Pallets for long distance.  We’ve found a better deal:

  • Standard pallet charge would be £45 plus vat = £54 total can take up to 32 tubs
  • If under 20 (20L) tubs, it would be £40 plus vat = £48 total

Being part of something bigger than ourselves

12 years old SESI Refill is a member of CAGs (Community Action Groups) and Good Food Oxford. We thrive in the energy of community leadership; we all are torches passing on the light!

* Good Food Oxford was awarded this year with the Bronze price by Sustainable Food Cities. Our humble contribution was named in two categories for supplying ethical foods and for doing so whilst helping Oxfordians prevent food waste and plastic pollution.

* CAGs was mentioned recently in the papers for this: Oxfordshire was named best performing county council in England for recycling rates. Not only does Oxfordshire recycle more, but residents produce less rubbish in the first place. Us, 65 CAGs have played our part in this learning journey.

A crossover of sibling CAGs and GFO refill SESI detergents too: Bicester Green (who craftily builds our dispensers), Charlbury Green Hub, Cultivate Oxford, South Oxford Farmers Markets, East Oxford Farmers Market, Sandford-On-Thames Talking Shop – and Windrush Bike Project joining us soon.

SESI supplies whole-foods in bulk – at cost price – plus our brand of detergents to these amazing game changers:

  • Scoopzerowaste
  • Oxford Hub (for students at the University of Oxford)
  • Repair Reuse Recycle CIC
  • A university student group in Colchester (supported by Repair Reuse Recycle) joining this scheme soon

Soap bubbles (pics with flash), by Jasmine Godden

Can they supply 20L tubs of their haircare products?

Faith in Nature. Robin Masefield of Natural Weigh has got in touch with Faith in Nature, asking whether they would supply a 900L IBC container of haircare products. Many of us can get behind him on this.

SUMA. We talked to SUMA asking them to supply 20L tubs of shampoos and conditioners. They won’t do it unless there are around 50 traders interested. We are now writing a proposal back to them, where SESI and others commit to buy their 20L tubs of hair care products. SESI would be happy to take these tubs to clean and put back in circulation. This draft letter will be sent out in January; we’d like to know if you’d join the scheme. Get in touch if you wish to know why we supply SUMA haircare products.

A New Year! Improving

Moving Out. There have been some delays. We expect to be moving premises in early February. Some of you start ups know just how complex this process can be, so finger cross this stage can go as smoothly as possible!

New Delivery System.  In January, Paul Godden will join SESI to work with us two days a week. By February, we will have two new part-time members joining the team as Warehouse Operative and Driver – we are recruiting in January!  Deliveries will be done Monday to Friday.  The online ordering system has been delayed but we aim to get this done in early New Year

THANK YOU ~ Supplying ethical goods that people can refill across the UK is possible thanks to you. A network and a hub, we facilitate opportunities for the change we want to see. We are committed to transparency, the circular economy and to the care of our planet. Your trust and support means a lot to us and we are humbly thankful for that ❤️

Warm regards: Bella, Jasmine, Katherine, Connor, Bayu, Maya, Talia, Isabel, Finlay, Lucy, Cindy (volunteering), Paul and Rina

A random soap bubble, by Jasmine Godden

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