Join the Refill Revolution!

By becoming a SESI Refill partner will you be able to provide sustainable detergents without the waste packaging to your local community. Your group or business will also be able to generate a reliable income from the sales to invest in your projects.

We’ve already got a strong network of independent shops, community groups and charities stocking our sustainable detergents and helping us fight plastic waste and pollution. Will you join us?

The Benefits of becoming a partner:

  • A 33% margin on all refill detergents sold at RRP .
  • A easy to use dispensing system that prevents spillage and mess.
  • Stopping the production of new plastic by reusing containers 100s of times
  • Saving of energy and water used up in plastic recycling
  • Being at the forefront of a growing refill revolution!

When you sign up to become a partner we will supply:

  1. Loan of detergent dispensers.  Contact us for charges
  2. SESI Detergents of your choice in 5L up to 20L.
  3. Support on social media.
  4. Point of sale materials.
  5. Supplies of empty or pre-filled bottles for new customers.
  6. Labels for refilled and new bottles.

All you need is a suitable space to display your dispensers. Each of our dispensers measures 29cm wide x 35 cm deeo x 1m tall and are on wheels. (most of our customers start with 3 dispensers).
Be able to store the empty containers ready to be returned or collected by SESI for refilling.

Download our partner brochure here.


If you are interested in becoming a stockist or have any further questions please get in touch.